We value that humanism is a secular philosophy of life which reject the supernatural and seeks to maximize human freedom and welfare on the basis of reason, ethical norms, science and free inquiry.

We will act to promote the ideals of the letters of the word, humanism, which can be made to represent certain basic humanist concepts and values, as follows:

H stands for Happiness in here and now
U stands for the Universe challenging human exploration and understanding
M stands for Moral Excellence at all times
A stands for Atheism, the touchstone of true humanism
N stands for Naturalism which displaces supernaturalism
I stands for Individual, free, autonomous and happy
S stands for Science and Technology the tools for human progress
M stands for Man, the measure of all things


We firmly believe that humanism’s mission is to promote human rights and human values above all things. That its program of action is wide ranging and includes but not limited to:

  • Continuous education and public enlightenment.

  • Promotion of science and scientific outlook.  

  • Lobbying and Advocacy for:

  • Human equality and women’s rights.

  • Democratic government in all countries.

  • Freedom and justice for all.

  • The privacy and autonomy of the individual.

  • Free thought, free inquiry, free sexual orientation.

  • Peace, tolerance, discussion and compromise.

  • Eradication of poverty and disease.

  • Protection of the rights of minorities.

  • Ecology and environmental protection.

  • Provision of alternative rituals and social services.

  • One world parliament, government and judiciary.

  • Happiness here on earth.




Gambia Secular Assembly  is registered not -  for profit secular humanist membership umbrella Organization for  individuals and groups of skeptics, rationalists, free thinkers, secularists, materialists, Marxists, naturalists, agnostics, atheists and humanists. The Organization was founded was founded by Mr. Ebou Sohna in the year 2007.


Gambia Secular should be further recognize as follows:

  • Vision: A world in which one and all think freely and independently.

  • Mission: To work closely with the critically minded for the realization of a world culture of secularism, scientific and altruistic values.

  • Values: Mutual Respect, Equality and Justice, Honesty and Transparency, Solidarity, Altruism and Human Rights.


  • Free thought

  • Reason

  • Science

  • Critical thinking

  • Anti superstition

  • Anti harmful traditional practices

  • Freedom of religion and belief

  • Human rights

  • Good governance

  • Altruistic co-existence.

Gambia Secular Assembly is an Organization that promotes:

  • Critical thinking

  • Science

  • Reason

  • Free thought

  • Church state separation

  • Human rights

  • Good governance

  • Altruistic co-existence

We fight superstitions in witch craft and ritual killing - ritual sacrifice of human beings.

Campaign against all harmful traditional practices including Female Genital Mutilation.

Promote human rights, human rights education and freedom from religion and belief.

Promote science education and scientific literacy.

Provide a sense of community to critically minded individuals including non- religious persons.

We campaign against human rights abuses committed in the name of religion, superstition or tradition.

We promote the neutrality of the state in matters concerning religious beliefs and practices.

We campaign and advocate for, and support the endeavors of others persons or groups of persons working for the realization of the rights of minorities including religious and non- religious minorities.

We are committed to the civilization of an open, democratic, tolerant, progressive and scientific society in The Gambia.


TOUCH A LIFE – Our Humanitarian Program


    Our humanitarian program Touch A Life seeks to provide relief aid to Gambian communities and those of The Gambia’s sub region, our neighboring countries, the Republics of Senegal and Guinea Bissau particularly to target:

  • Victims of natural disasters

  • Children with disabilities (differently able children)

  • Women and children in conflict situations

  • Orphaned and vulnerable children - children affected by HIV/AIDS infected parents and guardians death and living.

Support our humanitarian program to safe and touch a life.





Gambia Secular Assembly received in March 2010, a gift of 124science, humanism, religious critique, current/international affairs, forensic science, true crime, philosophy, reference and a host of other books from the Center for Inquiry Transnational Prometheus Book Publishers partner. The books currently in use for a mini humanist library and audio visual resource center came along with 13 DVD discs, entitled Scripture and Skepticism  of the Council for Secular Humanism’s Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion and 5 of the Center for Inquiry’s Fall Speaker Series 2006, one of a presentation by  Jonathan Miller, and one of a debate between prominent atheist Edward Tabash and renown theologian, Richard Swinburne . To be use for the mini library’s audio and visual resource center.









The Library’s book collection also includes a good number of human rights publications among a number of fictions and non- fiction novels.

We request for your support to the facility with books. You may be a publisher(s), author or a person(s) wishing to donate a book or books, if you are do not hesitate to contact us. Give us your science fictions, science, biography, reference, international /current affairs, and other publications and titles. All book donations, especially children’s books, except creationism and intelligent design are welcome.

The Library and Resource Center is named after the great free thinker, Professor Emeritus, Paul Kurtz for his authorship of the Humanist Manifesto 2000 and all his services to the humanist life stance.








Short, medium, fairly long and long term plans


Our short, medium, fairly long and long term plan is to run schools of different levels modeled on Francisco Ferrer’s  Escuela Moderna, Modern School. In memory of Spain’s 1859 born Francisco Ferrer, executed a 102 years ago for his radical reforms of the Spanish education system at that time dominated by the Catholic Church’s strict disciplinary rule of corporal punishments.

The schools education system will be based on natural science and rationalism. There will  no competition, no marks, no special prizes for the “best”, no humiliation. The education and instruction will be guided by the “principle of solidarity and equality”. Where teachers have to take into account the spontaneous desire of students to acquire knowledge and permit them to learn at their own pace. The purpose of which will not be to make obedient citizens but mold human beings capable of forming their own rational convictions on every subject. Schools where individuals will be instructed in such a way that they think for themselves. In this system, as in the Escuela Moderna, the question “why” will be increasingly accepted, there will be no learning by rote.


Phases of the plan


  • Phase 1. Kindergarten (Nursery school) short term plan.

  • Phase 2. Basic Circle ( Primary school) medium term plan.

  • Phase 3. Upper Basic/senior secondary (Junior secondary/High school) fairly long term plan.

  • Phase 4. College/university – long term plan.

The schools will bear the names:

Escuela Moderna Kindergarten/Nursery school,

Escuela Modrena Basic Circle school,

Escuela Moderna  middle and senior secondary school,

Escuela Moderna college/university. And the schools  libraries will be ; Francisco Ferrer Library for all levels.

Support the Escuela Moderna schools and Francisco Ferrer libraries.